Join us for a wild ride through the world of golf and everything in between with your hosts Liz Harwood and Katie Dawkins! From the manicured greens to the rough and tumble of life, Liz and Katie bring you a podcast that's as unpredictable as a tee shot.

In each episode, we dive into the exciting, the bizarre, and the downright hilarious aspects of the golfing world, while also exploring the challenges and triumphs of being women in the sport.

Whether it's dissecting the latest tournament drama, sharing outrageous stories from the course, or delving into the unique experiences of female golfers, Birdies Banter is your go-to
podcast for all things golf and beyond.

So grab your clubs, settle in, and get ready for some tee-rific banter with Liz and Katie on Birdies Banter!

Birdie's Banter - Episode 2

Birdie's Banter - Episode 1